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Hi, thank you for visiting my website on couples, dating and relationships. My name is Megan May and I'm just a person who has had a lot of experience with romance and love. I have always yearned for that special someone, but it has taken me almost two decades to finally find him. But in the process, I have learned so much about the heart and about how to share as much of yourself as you can while getting just as much back in return. If you are struggling to find love or if you have any other problems with your relationships, this is the website for you!



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Social Media And Your Child's Self Esteem

The issue of whether or not parents should allow their pre-teens or adolescents to indulge in social media platform is an on-going topic in parenting and psychiatric circles. The fact is, social media is currently so pervasive, there's no stopping the kids from participating.  Protecting a child's self-esteem and relative innocence are two of the most pressing issues that parents worry about. Here's the reality: Like most things, there's pros and cons to the endeavor.