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How To Create A Memorial Chain Of Love For A Funeral

by Louise Holt

A memorial chain of love is a homemade paper chain that lists all the ways that the deceased person was loved, and it can also celebrate loving memories and beloved character traits. This paper chain should be customized to best express the unique aspects of the person and what made them so lovable. Follow these instructions to create your own chain of love for a funeral.

What You'll Need to Create the Memorial Chain of Love

You need to start by gathering the following things:

  • Construction Paper in the Colors of Your Choice
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Black Marker
  • Magic Markers (Variety Pack)
  • Glue or Tape

Gathering your supplies carefully helps ensure that the craft process runs smoothly.

Steps to Make the Memorial Chain of Love:

Step 1: Think about the colors that would best memorialize your loved one, then choose the colors for your construction paper accordingly. For example, if the person loved the color green, you may choose as many different shades of green as possible. If the person was a fanatic of a certain sports team, choosing the team's colors can be a loving nod to something that brought the person a lot of joy.

Step 2: Place one of the sheets of construction paper in front of you on a flat surface. Arrange the construction paper so that the longest side is horizontal. Place the ruler on top of the paper, making sure it is exactly one inch from the side of the paper. Then use the pencil to trace a straight line down the side of the paper. Once the paper is marked, use scissors to cut strips. The point is to make long, rectangular strips that are all the same size.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 with more sheets of construction paper until you have as many strips as you need. It's a good idea to cut extra strips in case you need them.

Step 4: If you are doing this as a group, distribute the strips equally to everyone who is participating. Write something you loved about the deceased person on each strip. Try to center the text so that it is in the middle of the strip if possible. You may want to talk about it as you go to ensure that everyone doesn't list the same thing. Continue until you have as many strips as you want to use on your chain.

Step 5: Place all the paper strips in front of you.

Step 6: Grab the paper strip you want to start the chain. Being sure to keep the side with the text face up, turn the paper strip over, then glue both ends together.

Step 7:  Create the links in the chain. Start by threading the second paper strip through the first one, making sure that the side with the text will face out. Glue both sides together. Repeat this action for each strip until you have made a full chain.

Step 8: Let the chain dry once all links are glued.

Step 9: Hold out the chain, and you should be able to look at all the things that are loved about the person. You may choose to set it on a table at the funeral home or otherwise use it as part of the funeral. Be sure to let the closest loved ones to the deceased person know that they may keep the chain if you want them to have it.

Finally, keep in mind that a customized chain of love can be a great gift to share with those who were closest to the deceased person. If children were close to the person, it can be a great way for them to express their emotions and have a tangible keepsake of the love they feel. By creating a chain of love, you are making a tangible record of the deep love everyone will continue to feel for the ceased person. Talk with a funeral home like Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc for more ideas.