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Arranging For A Funeral From Out Of Town

by Louise Holt

Planning a funeral is never fun, and it is never easy. You not only have to make a lot of important choices, but you have to do so while battling grief. If you have to tackle this while out of town, it can be even tougher. So how do you go about planning a funeral in a town where you don't live? Start by following these tips.

1. Take advantage of "full service" options from funeral homes.

Many funeral homes offer a few different planning options. There are minimalist plans that have you do most of the work, with the funeral director only stepping in as needed. There are a few plans in between, and there's a full-service plan where the funeral director does almost everything, only reaching out to you for input on the most important matters. Even if you are someone who typically likes to have a lot of control over situations, you're best off hiring the funeral home to do as much as possible at this time. It's easier for them to do things like hire a florist and an organ player since they are in town and you're not.

2. Find someone in town who can be your main point of communication.

Trying to communicate with various family members who are in the town where the funeral will happen can be quite a hassle. You can simplify things by designating one person to be your point of contact in town. Call this person twice a day to get the updates. Anyone else who has questions or concerns can communicate with this person rather than calling you. The point person can filter out the unnecessary comments and questions and only pass on what you really need to know.

3. Head into town early, if possible.

If you can possibly get into town more than one day before the funeral, do so. Every extra hour you have there before the funeral can be put to use. You can meet with the funeral director in person to finalize things, familiarize yourself with the funeral home, and touch base with relatives and friends before the funeral so you don't have so much to catch up on during the actual event. 

Arranging for a funeral from out of town is not easy, but planning a funeral never is. With the tips above, you can carry it off.

To learn more, contact a resource like Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc.